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Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my broadband internet access Service?


Broadband internet includes Web Mail, Barracuda e-mail filter, multiple email addresses and 7X24 technical support in the USA.



What are my Email Server Addresses?


Internet set-up information is is available on our Support & Repair page.



What is broadband internet access?


When you see or hear broadband or FAST broadband, it is Table Top Telephone Company's branded name for DSL or ADSL, Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop. This is a data transport service available from Table Top to provide real broadband internet access.


Is broadband internet access available in my area?


Broadband internet access is available today to 95% of the Table Top Telephone Company Telephone service area. Call the Table Top Telephone Company Customer Care Center to find out if your location qualifies.



What are the benefits of Broadband?


The most obvious benefit is the increase in speeds which will enhance your Internet experience. The connection is always on, so there is no login time: if your computer is on you are connected to the Internet and email. Broadband internet is accessed through your dial tone phone service, which will be available to you even while you are on the Internet, so you don't need a second telephone line to keep your phone line available. You can even network multiple Internet users on a single telephone connection. 



Which local Internet providers offer broadband internet access in the Table Top Telephone Company Service area?


Table Top Telephone Company is the only broadband internet access provider in our service area today. 



What will I need to use broadband internet access service?

▪ Hardware: PC, Internet Gateway, USB port or NIC card or wireless card  

▪ Software: Windows 95 or better operating system 
▪ Table Top Telephone Company dial-tone, and broadband internet access subscriptions.


If I wish to change to a different bandwidth rate is there a charge?


There is no change charge.


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